ICSSC 2015

High Throughput Satellites, Other Performance Advances and Applications – Keeping Satellites Essential in a Broadband World

Over 60 presenters from 10 countries

The 33rd AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), the world’s most influential technical conference on satellite systems, will be held on the Gold Coast of Australia from September 7 to 10, 2015.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. The 2015 ICSSC conference is co-hosted by Australian based EM Solutions and the AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications.

The Conference theme is “High Throughput Satellites, Other Performance Advances and Applications – Keeping Satellites Essential in a Broadband World” and has been chosen to emphasise that even though fibre networks tend to dominate discussion of broadband telecommunications, ours is a wireless world, and satellites remain the only platform to offer communications anywhere, anytime.

The applications of satellites are broad, and range from the provision of broadband services such as entertainment, health, and education to remote areas; to users on the move in areas without infrastructure; national defence and security; remote sensing of lands and oceans; and importantly, transport safety.

Underpinning these uses are technology platforms that must evolve to meet increasingly complex applications – platforms that offer broadband data transfer, lower latency, and on-the-move mobility in rough terrain. This has required the development of new network architectures, but also new antennas, terminals and modems, and satellites that are more cost effective and adaptable for multiple uses.

This conference will explore these challenges, propose and discuss solutions, and provide a forum for the exploration of the economic, marketing, technical, and regulatory issues affecting these new and planned services.

The Pre-Conference Colloquium will be held on Monday 7 September 2015 from 10am through 5pm, followed by the Conference Welcome Reception.

Today, with a focus on the economics of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Systems and Services, the demand is to produce the maximum useful aggregate throughput in the satellite and to be flexible in the distribution of bandwidth and power in multiple spot beam applications.   The industry is in the midst of significant innovation, with new business applications, new architectures and new technologies under development to meet the forecast broadband distribution demand and maximize the economic return from the space investment.

The Colloquium title “Architectures and Technologies for Next Generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Systems”, will host a panel of experts representing the multiple aspects of ground and satellite architectures, in an interactive workshop-style forum. The Colloquium is structured so attendees can actively engage with the panel, and better understand and share expertise on how current and future technologies will realize Next Generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Systems.

ICSSC 2015 Pre-Conference Colloquium Panelists will include:

Jacques-Samuel Prolon   General Manager Kacific Broadband Satellites Emerging Satellite Services
Andrew Johnson Managing Partner of the Delta Systems Group Regional Satellite Services
David Ball     former Chief Technical Officer Newsat Global Satellite Solutions
Hector Fenech       Director of Future Satellite Systems, Eutelsat Global Satellite Solutions
Erwin Hudson           VP and PM ViaSat, former CTO Wildblue Broadband Ground Systems
Rabindra (Rob) Singh      VP Bus Dev and Comm Architect, SSL Broadband Satellite Systems

** Please note this is a separate pre-event registration option from the ICSSC-2015 conference.

Welcome to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, centred around the business centre of Southport and the tourist mecca of Surfers Paradise, is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The Gold Coast is located in the booming South East Queensland region, on the east coast of Australia. Its enviable natural environment – beaches, waterways and hinterland – allows its citizens to enjoy a work-life balance in a different way to almost every other city in the world.

Home to 530,000 people, 28 per cent of whom were born overseas, the area is one of the most multicultural regions in Australia. The region started from a platform of tourism and construction and has grown to be backed by an innovation culture, built from a dynamic combination of start-ups, co-working spaces, and research and education institutions, including three universities. Directly accessible from the Coolangatta Airport or Queensland’s capital city Brisbane Airport one hour’s drive away, the Gold Coast is a perfect location to celebrate the continuing success of the satellite industry and discuss the future diversity of opportunities offered by satellite communications.

The conference committee welcomes delegates to the Gold Coast defined by its spectacular beaches, hinterland ranges, forests, waterways and vibrant communities.


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