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Looking for the Perfect Golf Putter

Whether you are new to the world of golf and have chosen to give it a swing or you are an amateur who needs to have a feel for the game, the first thing you would need is to look for the perfect partner.


By perfect partner, meaning the right kind of golf putter. Now, unless someone would give you a golf putter as some sort of birthday present or any labeled gift, it is best if you choose your magic stick wisely.


Here are some of the factors you need to consider before cashing in on a lifetime golf partner.


First and foremost, choose the putter that is just the right size for you.If you are not that tall, you certainly do not need a putter that is almost exactly as tall as you are.

Golf PutterIt is much preferable to tailor fit your golf items to your body build. Find a golf putter that complements your figure.Try making the standard position with your intended putter and know how it feels. You probably do not want to buy a short or long putter.


Another thing to consider when buying a putter is its weight. Golf’s greatest skill is probably seen in the golfer’s swing.


The swing is mainly affected by the stroke of the golfer and the length and weight of the putter. Buying putter that is too light might not give you the maximum hit that you are capable of making.

At the same time, having a putter that is too heavy for you won’t do you any much good either. Grab the putter and feel every swing.


Make sure you would feel good with every swing you make and find a balance between your strength and the weight of the stick.


There are two types of putter heads to choose from in the market.

The first one is named the face balance. The face balance putter is determined by having the shaft parallel to the ground while laying it to your hand and the face of the putter faces the sky. A face balance is used if you prefer your hits to be straight and through. If the face of the putter does not face the sky, it is the second type of face putter called toe balance.


A toe balance putter is useful when you want your strikes to be curved. Choosing between these two putters is really just a matter of personal choice.


Since it is the head of the putters that literally hits the golf balls, it is quite important to give it a consideration when buying a putter.


Putters can come in different kinds, namely the mallet heads and the blade heads. Mallet heads give your hits the direct putting style while the blade putter tends to arc your strikes.27123_12
Since both are necessary in golf, you can always choose to buy both, though if you need only one, then you have to make a choice between curved hits and straight forward hits.

Lastly, it is important to know the type of putter that you want and need. There are several types of putters to choose from, depending on your skill level. For amateur players, a conventional putter is a good choice since it allows the exercise of skills and techniques more than the other putters.


However, if you are a beginner or an amateur that is having some difficulties in your swings, either a belly putter or a long putter is there for you.


These putters provide more support than a conventional putter and can help you get a feel for the game before going amateur, and hopefully, professional.